An ordinary night takes a terrifying turn when a face peers through the window.

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[Music] [Creepypasta Story] Recently I began experiencing something quite unnatural each morning until around 10 A.M an entity bearing not but two black holes for eyes appears in my window if I didn’t know any better I would have said it was a cheap trick or one of those weird window stickers but I lived down a dead end Road where my neighbors were all far too old for childish games like that I couldn’t imagine Sandy next door nor Leary across the street would suddenly commit to scaring me every morning anyway and yet there it was as if condensation had become conscious and was plastered face first against the glass if I covered the window it would still be there and would stay until roughly 10 am to satisfy my curiosity and to check some things off my list of possibilities I took to asking my elderly neighbors if they had seen anything Sandy said oh you live next door to which I said yes Sandy I’ve been here for over 10 years now I wouldn’t get anywhere with her Larry on the other hand had a rather disturbing response upon knocking on his door he opened it and a groan immediately escaped his lips you huh about time you introduced yourself Larry had moved in only recently and I hadn’t gotten around to welcoming him but I overheard someone perhaps a caretaker calling him by that name yes well I’m sorry for that but I haven’t come knocking to exchange pleasantries I’ve come to ask a question one that might seem odd I said question well spit it out okay well I was curious about whether you’ve seen someone standing outside my window what window that one there pointed to the side of my house with the living room maybe you’ve seen a kid or someone else traipsing down the road wearing a mask a mask he was almost as bad as Sandy yes the person in the window must be wearing a mask because their face doesn’t look human are you trying to mess with me he asked in a cantankerous tone no no not at all I’m being completely honest I said trying to remedy his skepticism

well if you’re not messing with me then I suppose there’s no harm in telling you he sighed and continued yeah I do recall seeing someone near your window a couple of days ago

really what were they doing Larry closed his door a crack as if he was poised to slam it in my face well they were standing of course what the hell else would someone do in front of a window no I mean was there anything they seem to want did you see what they were wearing

he scoffed what they wanted no I’ve got no idea I only watched them until they walked away and that’s that as far as what they were wearing yes I actually can’t remember maybe one of those skin suits you see young people wear during Halloween

skin suits I thought to myself

is there anything else you can remember

no now leave I’ve got an appointment to get to so much for friendly introductions thanks for your help I said swiftly leaving before he could shut me out the interaction really didn’t get me anywhere other than a longer list of questions without proper answers so I went back home but before going inside I checked the grass outside of my window and to No Surprise there was a matted down spot right at the foot of it though not much else I went inside and started doing some research but found literally nothing about what was happening

after the third day I called the police they gave me a typical police response telling me that it sounded like a joke and therefore wouldn’t entertain the notion go figure that following morning I set my alarm for an earlier hour let’s say 5 AM and crept out into the living room sure enough as expected there it stood watching me through the window no fog was being produced on the glass wasn’t even breathing this time I wasn’t going to just stand idly by I raced to the window and pounded against it no reaction I yelled through the glass hey enough is enough get off my property but again nothing

the sudden jolt of Courage weaned quickly and I became too afraid to do anything else after that so I waited until around 9 30 a.m before I couldn’t take it any longer I summoned all the strength I had left though I was actually terrified and went outside it didn’t look at me in fact it didn’t move at all I approached it and pushed against its gray shoulder and nothing happened hey can you hear me under that mask I told you to get the hell off my property I’m sick of your games go bother someone else with this it stayed staring through the window that’s when I pushed it a little too hard I shoved my hand against its arm and suddenly and strangely it fell over stiff as a board my eyes darted to an on off switch near the nape of its neck and animatronic I wondered as I switched it off I ran inside and called the police again and told them that someone had been placing a Halloween decoration at the foot of my window every morning they must have had my name on a list of people not to entertain because once again they blew me off and I was pissed when I came back out it was gone to add even more confusion the grass was covered in fresh Dew making it easy to notice the footprints on my lawn there was only one pair of footprints though so I did what any concerned neighbor would do I went back over to Larry’s but Larry wasn’t home and so I went to Sandy’s I know what you’re thinking why would you go back to her house when she couldn’t even remember who you were and while you’re right I really just needed to try again you never know those suffering from mental inhibition often have moments of lucidity however as I approached her door it was already a jar it was easy to write off though because of her mental degeneration even people with all of their faculties working up there forget to close the door cupboards and at the worst of times to turn off the light I called out I didn’t want to just enter unannounced Mrs Stevens it’s Alan your neighbor are you home I wrapped my hand around the doorknob and waited for a response but none came

what would you have done laughed and pretend everything was fine yeah I probably should have done that instead I slowly pushed the door open and immediately the repugnant scent of copper hit me like a fear scale naturally I assumed the worst and naturally I called out again

Mrs Stevens are are you in here

nothing of course because why would there be reluctantly followed the odor praying that nothing grotesque awaited me at its end the smell led me to a back room down the hall it had become a particularly warm day and Sandy must have forgotten to turn her air on it felt like a hot box in her home and sweat dripped into my eyes stinging them annoyingly I pushed the door open

Mrs Stevens I asked again but as the door swung open the contents of the room were revealed to me true horror and eviscerated torso intestines and other visceras splattered the walls flies had already come to feast and the smell oh the smell absolutely heinous I wretched there wasn’t anything in my stomach to heave up though so I turned and ran out of the house and as one does I immediately called 9-1-1 but this time they listened five count them five whole units showed up whoopee and I’m not trying to say that someone’s death was on par with my Watcher in the window but why did it take a gruesome end to Warrant a visit from the friendly neighborhood police

an officer I forget his name asked me about what I saw I explained that I saw nothing up until entering Sandy’s home he wanted to know why I was there and I told him the reason word for word I don’t think he believed me but I wasn’t a suspect so that’s good I guess however he did say something that struck me as odd he said keep away from your neighbor’s homes

anyone else think that’s odd anyway cut to two days later and my unwanted window Watcher continued to visit however instead of being afraid I was angry I mentioned my plight to a friend and you know what they said Alan dude relax it’s getting near the holidays you know people can be crazy it’s September I said ever heard of early celebrators they asked that’s a bunch of crap I said why’d you even call me then you know what you’re right then I hung up on them am I a jerk Maybe but if my own friend wasn’t going to at least offer even a modicum of concern then I wasn’t going to entertain their skepticism nevertheless on that second day The Watcher did something different tapped the window not only that but it left behind a bloody handprint that stained the glass terribly and to further pour salt into that already festering wound when I looked across the street Larry’s door was a jar

odd I thought or was it as petrified as I was my innate curiosity got the better of me I walked across the street my eyes darting all over the outside world the first thing I noticed were the matted down footprints on his front lawn they trailed from the road up to his living room window had they always been there when I approached his front door I got a faint whiff of a putrid stench seeping through the crack this time I wasn’t going to go inside once is one thing but stumbling upon two dead bodies two days apart that’s a bit too suspicious even for negligent cops so I called them again and asked for a welfare check what’s the problem ask the jerk of an operator on the other line I’m worried about my neighbor I said as calmly as could be what about them weren’t you told not to bother them what listen can you just send someone over here I live next to Sandy Stevens the woman who was found dead yesterday and I’m concerned that Larry across the street might be in danger decide it must have been a bit too much work for them to lift a finger and press a couple of buttons ah fine an officer will be by shortly thanks I said and then they hung up I’ll never know what I did to piss them off so badly anyway I waited outside of my front step when the officer finally arrived two hours later he came over to see me first you the one who called he asked shining a flashlight in my face even though it was the middle of the day yeah but I called about Larry the man who lives across the street what about him his door is a jar

that’s it he asked a slight chuckle forced its way through his lips well I thought it was strange that it’s like that when Sandy’s next door was the exact same way and it smells smells yeah man it smells over there I got near the door and it reeks stop asking me questions and go check on him already yeah yeah calm down it’s protocol I’ll go check on him now and then he turned around and spit on my lawn before crossing the street I watched intently as he approached the door and called out Ridgewood police is anyone inside if so make your presence known he appeared between the crack of the door and brought his hand to his nose then he reached for his radio and said something I couldn’t hear before slowly pushing the door open a chill ran up my spine the officer went inside and called out once more Ridgewood police I’m coming in if no one responds to the sound of my voice about 30 seconds later he comes rushing outside nearly projectile vomiting all over Larry’s lawn he reached for His Radio again and said more incoherent things before hopping into his Cruiser and waiting there were a lot of police and other Emergency Services on my road that day they asked me many questions of which I had little answers and every time I mentioned the Watcher in the window they mentally checked out to them there must have been no correlation but a man and a woman were dead and they had nothing to go on a few more teeth clenching days passed before I realized I hadn’t left home for more than a week mainly because I had been too afraid regardless I decided to take a trip into town it was about noon which meant that the Watcher was absent and I could leave without that worry Larry’s Home was crossed over with caution tape as was Sandy’s and the house next to hers and the house next to theirs and the one across the street from that one and almost every home of my road was covered in that bright yellow tape and not one officer or paramedic mentioned it to me but then I realized something far worse the first house on the right near the start of the road was untouched there was no caution tape anywhere near it and the reason why The Watcher was standing in their front yard not facing the window but facing the road and I nearly wrecked when I caught it following my car with its head as I passed by were the owners of that home the Watchers next victim I couldn’t be sure so I pulled over further down the road and made one last phone call to the police and asked about the home

in my mind I thought they would give me the run-of-the-mill answer of none of your business but instead they told me that the owners of the home had been found dead more than a week prior and that the tape had likely blew away in the Wind they also said something quite strange about how I should return to my home which was really weird then it hit me all at once says that the dome light above my head was one of those light bulbs that represents a sudden idea The Watcher was systemically slaughtering every person pet and family one by one on my Dead End Road no it was worse than that because as I looked around sitting there in my car on the side of the road I realized that it wasn’t just my road it was everywhere every single home was covered in caution tape and when I say that the call to the police was my last what I really meant was that when I tried to call again no one answered and yesterday I came to the most terrifying realization imaginable my house was the last one on my road when I woke up this morning I checked my window to find that the Watcher wasn’t there and at first I was elated but only until I caught sight of movement out by the road was it the Watcher that thing that had been haunting my life no it was Sandy shambling up the road with knot but two black eyes set in her face her features were unmistakable in the sense that if she was facing away from me I would have been fooled I continued to watch completely transfixed by her or its movements wishful thinking had me hoping it would approach my window and it looked like that was the case but then it veered away from my lawn and sauntered off the driveway I ran down into my basement locking the door at the top a nerve-rattling hum started emanating through the walls along with something I could only describe as gurgling it was hard to imagine both being possible at the same time tapping came from one of the two smaller Windows letting light from the outside world into my cellar I looked to see Larry his face was not but two black eyes pressed against the glass then tapping came from the other window and there was Sandy both were smiling

my doors were locked they were always locked so why then as I’m writing this did I just hear the clicking sound indicative of one being opened

whatever you do don’t come to Ridgewood they’re here and they’re watching help I have plenty of other videos by the same author if you enjoyed this story check out the playlist

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