This scary creepypasta story is from the nosleep subreddit and investigates the terrors I had to face on my last and final vacation.

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Hello My Little Nightmares!

I hope you’re ready for another scary story I have a great one for you tonight I haven’t gone on vacation since the incident in South Carolina I thought it was over I thought that the horrid presence that nearly ended my life had gone away but I was wrong it was closer than I could have ever imagined while on vacation my family and I stayed at a little condo on the beachfront in South Carolina there was a slider door that led out to the beach and to the right of the entrance was a narrow Corridor leading to the rest of the home although it wasn’t amazing it was clean and quite modernized there were shining white counters in an island in the kitchen it was one of those open concepts with a spacious living room there were three bedrooms but we only used two because when my parents went to book it the company told them that the two-bedroom condos were all full up this one was much cheaper as well though my parents didn’t question why the first night there we went swimming the waves were high and dangerous I wasn’t able to be out there alone despite being around 14. after about an hour the water got bitter cooled and we decided to head back inside my parents ordered two pizzas and I devoured a few Savory pieces they went to bed shortly after but I stayed up for a bit watching late night cartoons and that’s when the first Oddity took place

the light came on in the kitchen behind me the couch faced away from it but there was a wide glass window behind the TV that reflected the light with ease I spun around only to watch the light turn off the moment my eyes glimpsed the switch maybe one of my parents had gotten up to check on me and tried to slip away before I noticed but then something knocked against the window a sound that is so distinctive that almost every human can recognize it and yet there was nothing there I began to wonder if I was simply suffering from exhaustion or if my parents were trying to prank me so I called out Mom Dad are you guys messing with me my dad responded angrily from their bedroom no keep it down or go to bed

I didn’t answer back and instead returned to watching cartoons but I did feel like I was being watched so I closed the blinds better for watching TV if there’s nothing to distract me reflecting through the glass anyway about 15 minutes later I heard Shuffling from the kitchen as a young teenager the sound of a pizza box being scuffled across the surface of a counter was easily recognizable this place must have rats or something big ones too I thought as I made my way to the kitchen

I lifted the lid of the box and saw maggots covering each leftover slice I reeled back and gagged how could they have already got on the pizza swiftly closed it and leaned against the counter thinking about what I should do my young mind wanted to leave the maggots for my parents to deal with come morning but Another Part Of Me felt horrible for even having the thought

who’s that I asked aloud turning my head towards the sound then my heart lived out of my chest because a pair of eyes were glaring at me from an open seam in the wall

thank you knocking on the window again the curtains obscured the glass I couldn’t see who or what was knocking even if I wanted to

the seam in the wall disappeared completely then my dad came running out of their bedroom his eyes were bloodshot and his breathing was as if he had just run a marathon what is going on out here he asked does he surveyed the room I don’t know there was a knocking on the window a light came on by itself and the pizza has maggots on it and slow down one thing at a time knocking on what window I pointed and he peeled the blinds back to inspect the glass there isn’t anything here not now anyway well the knocking came after the light in the kitchen turned on by itself you’re not trying to play a trick on us are you he asked walking over to me no look I opened the pizza box and no maggots just regular delicious pizza you must be really tired if you’re seeing stuff like that he said tussling my hair I’m being serious wait over here I said moving towards the wall there was something staring at me from a crack in the wall but then the knocking came from the window again and that’s when it went away my dad looked at me as if he couldn’t recognize his own son but still being a mostly good parent he checked the wall running his fingernails across it it doesn’t look like there’s anything here come on it’s bedtime we can talk about it in the morning but Dad something isn’t right here you’ll be fine we’ll sort it out tomorrow come on let’s go he was starting to get annoyed So I listened and insult to my room more terrified than tired that night something visited me it stared up from the foot of my bed and I watched with fearful eyes as its head spun around like a slow water wheel each rotation was accompanied by a series of bone wrenching cracks I was petrified and unable to call for help the next morning my mother stopped me in the corridor near the bathroom what’s the matter honey didn’t sleep well she asked in her usual calm way no not really it wasn’t that nonsense from last night was it ask my dad from somewhere in the kitchen last night ask my mom she was a heavy sleeper and likely slept through the commotion between me and my father our son spooked himself into thinking the place is haunted or something talking about knocks on the window and doors in the wall what she asked turning to face me again haunted mom no I was just tired like Dad said you seemed quite sure that it was real last night added my father sweetheart I know we’re far away from home but don’t worry you’ll get used to it and it won’t feel so scary said my mother gingerly brushing my cheek with her thumb I moved my face away yeah I guess should I have mentioned the thing that came into my room well we’re going out to eat later today but right now there are blueberries and strawberries in the fridge I can make us something with that sound good ask my dad disregarding what he had told me the night before yummy come on honey let’s eat said my mom grabbing me by the shoulder and dragging me into the kitchen we had pancakes they were all right I was too tired to truly enjoy them after that we sat in the living room and watched TV for the better half of the afternoon I fell asleep on the couch a couple of times but I was always awoken whenever a noise other than the TV echoed in the house around 7pm we went out to eat and I had one of the best burgers of my life however my nerves were kindled setting off little Sparks all throughout my body with each passing minute we dreaded the coming night knowing full well that what I experienced wasn’t just a figment of my imagination I didn’t want to worry my mom though because she never liked horror stuff and would probably struggle to sleep just like I had so I kept everything to myself

but when we got home my mom went into their room she had drunk a bit too much and my dad stopped me in the corridor hey I know we never talked about what happened last night not properly anyway I’m sorry you know how your mom gets I didn’t want you to scare her yeah I know I said Hanging my head low we can talk about it now if you want is there something more you need to tell me I don’t think you’d believe me if I did I remember when I was your age I had a crazy imagination sometimes I would think that my dog was an evil creature covering my entire floor and if I had to go to the bathroom it would bite my ankles and hurt me obviously that wasn’t true but I still thought about it it’s not like that Dad this was real I may be young but I’m smart enough to know the difference and and what he inquired further my side something came into my room last night what do you mean there was something staring at me from the foot of my bed all night that’s why I was so tired why didn’t you call for me he asked looking through half-lited eyes I didn’t want to make you mad mad no no son I wouldn’t have been mad if you were genuinely scared how could I be mad do I need to go into your room and check it out would you I asked quietly I felt incredibly childish for having him do such a thing at my age but who could blame me he came into my room and checked everywhere from the corners to the closet to the window to the ceiling floors and under the bed there was nothing looks like everything’s fine here if you’d like we can leave our door open our rooms are close enough that if something happens we’ll be able to hear it well I’ll be able to hear it your mother is down for the count

I thought long but felt even worse for putting them through all of this so I said no and my dad didn’t question it but that night things got worse I didn’t go to sleep right away once again I stayed up to watch cartoons the blinds were already closed courtesy of my father and there wasn’t a pizza box on the counter I felt relieved if anything else

the couch was one of those L-shaped kinds it was gray and plenty comfortable I was on the part that was more of a long chair that ended in a half circle with my hands behind my head and my ankles crossed I’m not an expert in Furniture but I was fairly certain that the couch was older that didn’t change his comfortability though it did make it loud so loud in fact that I immediately noticed when the Springs were being compressed on the other end

as I turned to look there was a sunken spot across the couch as if someone was sitting there

hello I asked hoping not to hear a response

the doorbell rang my dad came out of the bedroom and stared at me was that you he asked massaging his face no I’ve been sitting here the whole time I said looking towards the spot on the couch but it had reinflated like what was once there had gone he blew out a lengthy exhale and walked down the corridor to the front door I heard him open it but he said nothing after a minute or two the door closed yet for some reason he didn’t come back down the hall I waited for several minutes and still he didn’t return dad is everything okay I asked craining my neck over the edge of the couch

come here he said his voice sounded raspy and tired I complied climbing over the back of the couch to act on his beck and call but I stopped my tracks when the corridor came into view because my dad was standing at the end of it though he wasn’t facing either the front door or the backslider he was facing away from me

dad what’s going on I asked cautiously approaching suddenly he arched backwards and his body split open down the middle splattering blood across the walls and floor then two arms emerge from the center of his abdomen and stretched out and down until the Palms were flat against the floor his head face straight up at the ceiling and I can’t lie I spoiled myself that’s when the top of his scalp divided and revealed two grisly rows of human-like teeth I tried to run but I was completely paralyzed then he rushed towards me and I screamed myself awake a nightmare I had fallen asleep on the couch my first instinct was to check if the spot on the other end was still compressed but it wasn’t

however my father was standing at the end of the couch staring at something above my head

what are you doing Dad I asked scooting myself into more of a sitting position he didn’t respond instead he turned around and walked back to their bedroom his body flailed around like it was made of elastic he had no stabilization in his limbs as each step made his body appear as if it was made of jello when he disappeared into the room I turned the TV off and hurried into mine but despite my previous experienced Horrors simply being in my head I had unfortunately wet myself in real life I didn’t notice right away because my mind was so foggy after being woken up so I grabbed my pajamas and headed for the bathroom I was beyond embarrassed and just wanted to shower the shame away stepping into the tub was a lesson in cautionary tales because not only was I worried about something sneaking up on me but jumping into a water-filled basin of any kind is risky as you could always slip fall and break your neck

dying like that lacked a certain dignity anyway I cleaned myself up and crept out of the bathroom one of my parents must have forgotten to set the thermostat because it freezing even the floor was like walking on ice

before entering my room I glanced into my parents and could just barely see two lumps under their blankets

I felt calmed and with that I went into my room and crawled into bed around 2 A.M I woke up drenched in sweat now the condo was boiling like it was volcano adjacent and like the night before something was watching me in my room it had taken a position in the corner next to the door and was nearly as tall as the ceiling carefully I pulled the blanket closer to my chin despite being soaked I felt protected by my covers even though I knew that was silly and could handle the Blazing heat if it meant a sense of safety the whole rest of the night it stared at me and when the first rays of light shine through my window it vanished another almost sleepless night I wasn’t enjoying this vacation at all

my mother came into my room and found my soiled clothes I had actually fallen asleep with the Sunbeam shining directly into my face because of my sheer exhaustion but she woke me up by shaking my shoulder honey did you have an accident last night my goodness you’re on fire I didn’t necessarily feel hot then again I didn’t feel much of anything at that moment sorry Mom I don’t know why it happened I had a nightmare and I woke up like that well that’s okay but why are you so hot you’re absolutely drenched in sweat

she pulled my covers off to reveal a dark pool beneath me I wasn’t thirsty though was it actually sweat after I showered the house was really cold I thought that maybe the thermostat wasn’t working or you two set it at a lower temperature then I woke up a little while later and the house was boiling I crawled out of bed feeling castly did dad tell you about the doorbell last night I asked hoping to Veer the subject doorbell there isn’t a doorbell here and your father accidentally closed the bedroom door last night when he went to sleep oh that must have been my dream but wait your door was open when I walked my room from the bathroom and dad was in the living room when I woke up from my nightmare where is he now you sleeping sweetie it might just be me and you today he’s feeling a bit under the weather he said something about food not agreeing with him from the restaurant last night that’s strange he seemed fine to me well apart from the way he was moving what she asked scrunching her face together he just seemed loose what are you talking about loose he means limber said my dad from the bedroom doorway you’re out of bed are you feeling better ask my mom rushing over to feel his face I’m fine well I will be at least he said focusing his eyes right on me how are you feeling he asked I’m fine dad that’s good come on let’s eat he said as he turned around get dressed and join us sweetie said my mom before she followed behind him we had a heavy breakfast with nearly a pile of meat on mine and my father’s plate he ate voraciously tearing apart sausages and shredding bacon with his gnashing teeth I ate slowly watching his ravenous display my mother didn’t seem to notice or mind Dad decided we would be staying in for that day so I tried to steal some shut eye while the sun wasted away but found it difficult mom was acting rather oblivious to all of the strange happenings while something was seriously wrong with my father his eyes were sunken in like he was sick and his cheeks drooped like old jowls he was trembling yet my mother was ignoring it and instead played on her phone completely unaware

at one point I tried to inquire into his well-being but he shot me a perturbed look and it prompted me to keep my mouth shut when night came we got up and went straight to bed my mother eagerly followed him and neither of them said a word to me I went to my room right after and closed the door as tightly as possible then I jumped into bed and hid under the covers for whatever reason I slept throughout the entire night without so much as an awakening sound being uttered and I admit waking up in the morning after suffering no incident had me questioning if it was another dream when my feet touched the tile floor the shiver rippled through my frigid body it’s freezing again I opened my bedroom door and my parents were both already awake sitting on the couch the TV wasn’t on Mom Dad I asked neither responded are you guys okay breakfast is on the counter said my father keeping his eyes fixed on the blank screen I wasn’t particularly hungry but I went to the kitchen anyway what I found however was a moldy bagel with a colony of ants Scavenging all over it I can’t eat this I said as my stomach grew unsettled then like a scene from The Exorcist my father rotated his head completely around his neck immediately flushed a bruised red and he spoke hoarsely you will eat what we tell you to eat he said Ben his iris is washed over in white as if they were dead all the while my mother kept quiet I stood in disbelief suddenly he roared eat it before his head separated from his shoulders and thumped to the ground I shrieked in a not so masculine way and ran to pull my mother off the couch mom I shouted as I made my way to her my feet nearly came out from under me as my socks had little traction on the floor when I reached her I fell backwards because what I saw was not the mother I knew and loved her jaw had extended beyond the threshold of human capability almost touching her abdomen she still held her phone but had no eyes to look at it at the same time my father’s headless festering torso maintained motor function and began reaching for its severed head I yelled screamed even all worthless the Torso grabbed the head and placed it back onto the neck stump my mother turned her gelatinous face towards me and uttered winded sounds the likes of which reminded me of a demon then she reached for me I scooted back only to bump into something Hefty when I turned around the thing that had been watching me at the foot of my bed was standing behind me as I stared in awe it grew until it reached the ceiling and hunched over it’s scaly gray skin stretched across its lanky body like a tight sleeve because it had grown to such a height I needed to Kink my neck almost straight up to look into its black eyes the size of pins it had no mouth not at first but suddenly its face divided horizontally and opened to reveal rotten teeth brown and yellow and Laden with holes it was open enough that if it had the mind to it could swallow me whole paralyzed again utter teared down to my core the thing placed both of its hands with elongated fingers upon my shoulders and lifted me off the ground struggled against its grip Kicking and Screaming its teeth multiplied now its mouth resembled that of a leech hitting its Wicked body seemed to do no good and I began to wonder what it would feel like to be eaten alive then it released me I’m not sure why but I hit the ground running I went straight for the front door and turned to see a glimpse of both my mother and father coming after me still looking like beings from hell but the creature had disappeared I opened the door and rushed outside into the light and I felt safe I don’t know why but I did when I turned around to face the condo my parents were both standing there perfectly normal as if nothing had happened and the first thing my father said well it’s time to back

he spoke as if his own head hadn’t just been disconnected like he didn’t remember any of it and he made me go back inside to gather my things despite protesting against it he said that’s complete nonsense when I told him about everything I felt insane but did any of it really happen I asked that because when I went back inside there wasn’t a single thing out of place and no creature however I did feel this looming and oppressive presence in the home something I can only describe as the epitome of dread my parents didn’t seem to notice or care and regardless of feeling sick dirty and like a bear was draped over my shoulders I just had to pretend like everything was okay all the way home not once did they wonder why we’re leaving two days early or why there were maggots on all of our things by the time we got home but after another week or so things seemed to be back to normal that was until I went out into the living room to watch cartoons on a regular Saturday night I thought it was gone I thought that we had done away with whatever that thing was if that’s the case then why did the kitchen light turn on behind me that night and why was there nobody there when I turned around at least there wasn’t a pizza box on the counter thanks for listening to Mrs nightmare’s story time I have plenty of other videos by the same author if you enjoyed the story check out the playlist

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